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Affiliate Portal

Welcome to the Ambot Tuned Affiliate Program
  1. A fully branded affiliate portal is setup at

  2. You can register and pay for what plan you want to do and login into the affiliate portal at the link above. 

  3. After login, you are given a unique referral link and a personal % off coupon code to share with your followers.

  4. You then share your referral link and the personal coupon code on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  5. Your followers visit the store through the referral link and purchase products or use the coupon code during checkout.

  6. The visit is tracked and the affiliate is given a % commission for the sale.

  7. Once you sign up log in and make sure the percent next to (Referral Link) matches the Tier you selected. **Please give 24hr - 48hr to update*

  8. Please don't give out your codes or referral link until your correct Tier and Percent are on the account. 

  1. The customer buys the Gold Package.

  2. The customer sends an affiliate link to a friend.

  3. Their friend goes to our site and orders a Single Map tune, which is $250 on sale. 

  4. As a Gold package affiliate, you get a 15% profit from the friend's first purchase, which is $37.50(This price would vary if a customer uses a discount code or if there is a sale or not.)

  5. If you sell 2 Single Map tune's a month, you already make the money back from the monthly fee, plus more as a Gold member. 

  6. You also receive a code for yourself and for others to discount the tune price. 

  7. Along with the gold package you get 2 free Map Review and Changes, which is a $100 value. (This doesn't include new parts or fuel changes.)

  8. The more people you get to place an order, the more money you make. 

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