Anthony ''Dre'' Ambot is the Owner/Founder of AMBOT Tuning. Started out tuning Evo 8/9s and then moved on to tuning the Subaru FA20 Platform. 

2018 - Over 200+ Subaru's Tuned. 

2019 - Over 1000 Subaru's Tuned.

2020 - Over 1700 Subaru's Tuned. 

2021 - Over 2100 Subaru's Tuned. 

AMBOTTuning is a new Tuning Company that started 2 years ago. Since April 2018 we have dove into the E-Tuning market for the 2015+ WRX FA20 Platforms. Since then we have tuned a variety of cars with good results. Aiming to be known within the “Top Tuners” category, our customer service is next to none. If you need your FA20 Tuned, we will make sure it is completed in a very quick timely matter and you will also learn a little along the way. Keep track of our progress and you will see our work speak for ourselves.