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Honda owners may now take advantage of the Accessport V3, the most popular and versatile ECU tuning option available for any platform. Discover the vehicle's latent power by swapping out the safe factory settings for more daring calibrations. Accesstuner Pro allows you to custom tune for most bolt-on upgrades and comes with included off-the-shelf (OTS) calibrations, so you can upgrade forever. You will never require any other engine management solution after this.  The entire installation process, including removal from your driveway or garage, takes no more than twenty minutes.  Just plug the included OBDII cable into the OBDII port on your Civic Type R and follow the easy-to-understand on-screen prompts. And don't fret if your vehicle is from the MY20 or MY21; we've got you covered with our COBB Unlock Box, which is part of every Accessport package! To see how to unlock it quickly, here's a simple tutorial: HERE.


All of the vehicles on this list are compatible with the Accessport that was discussed earlier. You may boost their power output by tuning them in the same way regardless of the year.

2017 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) USDM
2018 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) USDM
2019 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) USDM
2020 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) USDM
2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) USDM


Stock - 287 Whp / 316 Tq

Stage 1 - Stock:

Cobb Stage 1 91Oct - 315 Whp /  357 Tq

Cobb Stage 1 93Oct - 325 Whp /  377 Tq

Custom Stage 1 91Oct E-Tune - 330 Whp

Custom Stage 1 93Oct E-Tune - 350 Whp

Custom Stage 1 E30 E-Tune - 370 Whp

Stage 2 - Downpipe:

Custom Stage 2 91Oct E-Tune - 350 Whp

Custom Stage 2 93Oct E-Tune - 360 Whp

Custom Stage 2 E30 E-Tune - 400 Whp

FBO - Intake, downpipe, frontpipe, intercooler, inlet pipe, charge pipes, and exhaust.

Custom "FBO" 91Oct E-Tune - 360 Whp

Custom "FBO" 93Oct E-Tune - 370 Whp

Custom "FBO" E30 E-Tune - 410 Whp

Custom "FBO + Turbo" 91Oct E-Tune - 400 Whp

Custom "FBO + Turbo" 93Oct E-Tune - 450 Whp

Custom "FBO + Turbo" E30 E-Tune - 450 Whp

Custom "FBO + Turbo + Fuel Pump" 91Oct E-Tune - 450 Whp

Custom "FBO + Turbo + Fuel Pump" 93Oct E-Tune - 475 Whp

Custom "FBO + Turbo + Fuel Pump" E85 E-Tune - 525 Whp


OEM Clutch - Clutch is good till about 450 Tq

High Pressure Fuel Pump - OEM 7200Rpm, Hondata 7600Rpm, XDI 7800Rpm


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