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AMBOT Tuned is a cutting-edge digital service specializing in Single Map E-Tunes, offering custom Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) calibrations to maximize the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Our innovative approach provides customers with a bespoke tuning experience, tailored to their vehicle's specific needs.

With AMBOT Tuned, customers benefit from a comprehensive tuning package that includes unlimited revisions until their car is fully optimized. We are committed to ensuring that each vehicle receives the attention it deserves, and our expert team will work closely with customers to fine-tune their engine's performance, responsiveness, and fuel efficiency.

Upon purchase, customers have a one-month timeframe to complete the tuning process, during which our team will guide them through the necessary steps. While we aim to complete the tuning within a week, the actual duration may vary based on the customer's ability to follow instructions and any potential issues encountered with the vehicle outside of the tune. Our goal is to deliver a seamless and efficient tuning experience, empowering customers to unlock the full potential of their vehicles with confidence.

At AMBOT Tuned, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized tuning solutions that elevate the driving experience. Join us on the journey to unleash the true power of your vehicle with our comprehensive Single Map E-Tune service.



Burble - The Burble tune will be sent via a separate map. If doing a Custom Tune it will be added at the end of the tune. You will get one copy of the Final Tune and one copy of the Final Tune with Burble Installed. OTS Maps you will receive one map without Burble and one with Burble. I DO NOT do flame tunes. Some burble customers have reported flames while some do not. 


Expedite Process - can be selected under options that will allow a 4-hour time slot to complete the tune. You will also be pushed to the front of the line of emails. If you miss your first selected time without an update to me before the time slot. There won't be another one unless you pay for another. 


Speed Density - You only need Speed Density if you are a Rotated Turbo, have a BOV, and or if you have no MAF. 


Aftermarket Turbo - You must select this option if you have anything but a stock turbo. 


Launch Map - This product is for building boost at launch. Some BANG BANG FLAME FLAME may happen here. Normal Launch control only builds a low amount of boost. This will allow you to build 10+ PSI of boost at launch. Please be aware that this can cause damage to drivetrain parts(Axles, Driveshafts). Doesn't happen always but there is an increased possibility. This Add-On can only be added to my Custom Maps. No other maps.


Meth - This Item is for those who are planning on running a Meth kit in their car. When you buy a tune, this will cover the second map needed to run Meth in your car.

15+ WRX NexGen Flex E-Tune

$500.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
  • Thank you for choosing AMBOT Tuned for your EFI calibration needs. As an EFI calibration service provider, we specialize in delivering high-quality digital files tailored to your specific requirements. Please take note of our return policy outlined below.

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