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This is for Launch Map for your car with a Cobb ots only or a custom tune that I tune. 


It is best if used with Aftermarket J-Pipe, Muffle Delete, or CatBack Exhuast.


No, I cannot add this to a car that has already been ProTuned by someone else.


This product is for building boost at launch. Some BANG BANG FLAME FLAME may happen here. Normal Launch control only builds a low amount of boost. This will allow you to build 10+ PSI of boost at launch. Please be aware that this can cause damage to drivetrain parts(Axles, Driveshafts). Doesn't happen always but there is an increased possibility. This Add-On can only be added to my Custom Maps. No other maps.

Launch Map

$75.00 Regular Price
$71.25Sale Price
  • No Refund once map has been sent out over email. 

  • Email will be sent out with the map, due to high email volume please understand you can receive your tune anywhere from 1Hr - 48Hours depending on if its the weekend or how backed up I am. 1hr is the earliest, 1hr - 24hour is normal, 24hr - 48hr is not normal but could be due to many things.

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