Main Tuning hours: Tuesday - Sat: 10 am - 8 pm EST

Closed Sunday & Monday

Any emails/Orders received after business hours will be answered the next business day or if I am actually free to do so.

Due to high email volume please understand you can receive your tune anywhere from the following times.


Normal: Anywhere from 1Hr - 48Hours

Exception: Anywhere from 48 - 72Hrs. This could be due to a weekend purchase or I'm traveling and or backed up. 


WEBSITE          VENMO        CASHAPP          PAYPAL 

Paid with the following:

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

Username - @AmbotTuning​

Make sure to include email. 

Username - $dreisthanamee

Make sure to include email. 

Email -

Friends and Family Only 


The tuning process is normally like the following:


  1. Order the tune on my site and wait for an email to be sent to you.

  2. I will send you the base map and instructions to follow in order to do the etune. 

  3. You will follow the instructions and create the logs needed.

  4. You will then send back the log and wait for a newly revised map.

  5. Rinse and repeat until we are done with all the steps and the car is tuned!

Some Single Map Etune cars take 5 Revisions while others take 10. It all just depends on the car, as each car is different. 

***OTS Maps are a flash and go and do not get revisions.***

91 & 93 Tunes - Make sure you have the fill you put in the order in the tank.

E30 & E60 Tunes - Make sure you have E30 or E60 mix in the tank when you flash the map. 

Flex Fuel Tunes - For those with a flex sensor, make sure you start out on pump gas first. We will switch to E85 or E60 mix when I say so. 


1. Can I normally drive my car while in the process of tuning on your maps?


Answer: Yes, While on any Map done by me you can normally drive your car. Just don't go WOT unless told to do so.  


2. Should I do a WOT pull if the DAM is below 1.0?


Answer: No, All WOT pulls should be done only if the DAM is at 1.0.


3. Should I send you another email or a facebook msg if I haven't gotten a reply?


Answer: Please only send another email if I didn't respond after 1 week. Don't send me an email and facebook msg. Even though I try to respond quickly I do get busy. Sometimes emails get lost. 


4. What is the policy on Refunds?


Answer: No Refund once the map has been sent out over email. This is for a Digital Product for the customer to download. Once downloaded, The customer has the product/service that was done. This is not a physical item and cant be refunded nor returned back to me.

5. What is the time limit on an Etune?

Answer: You have 30 Days in order to complete the Etune from the date that the base map was sent to your email. In some cases, the time limit can be adjusted if you talk to me about it. (This is limited to 2 months from the date of you purchasing the tune.)

6. What is the difference between your Etune and OTS Map you offer?

Answer: The Etune is a fully custom developed map for your car. We will tune it to the most power while being safe while doing revisions. The OTS maps we offer do not get revisions and do not get the same power as an Etune. An OTS is just to get you by for the time being until you get an etune. 


That Ambot sauce! 👌👌👌 the tuning process was simple and easy. Car runs like a dream definitely makes more power. My favorite part besides more power is my car went from 18MPG to 25MPG lol definitely a pleasant surprise thanks Anthony!- RJ Leader

Just received my final map from ambot and I can’t recommend him enough. He replies pretty fast and sometimes even in his days off. Whenever I had questions he answered them and made things clear and very easy to understand. Definitely getting a retune from him when I have a FMIC. - Christopher Jaime

I absolutely recommend using Ambot Tuning to do an etune on your WRX. The entire process was seamless, and he was always quick to respond to any and all questions I had along the way, and extremely fast getting the revised tunes back out to me. As for performance, it’s night and day. I tried the Cobb OTS stage 1 tune, and the MAPerformance OTS tune prior to this, and my Ambot tune is in a whole different league. My next step is bumping up to flex tune. Highly recommended!! - Jimmy Dallhoff