This booking feature is for all customers doing single map or flex etunes. Set a date and time slot to get the tune done in 2-4 hours with back to back logs. From the time you get the tune and this time slot, if the tune isnt finish before the slot. It will be done at the time slot you picked. 


The booking calendar below is in the EST Time zone. Once you hit the "Book It" button below, the next page will create a pop up when it detects anything other than an EST time zone customer.  If you're not in the EST time zone please make sure you click the button to convert/switch to your time zone. The top left should show what time zone the calender is following. If you happen to click out of the pop-up, then the calendar will be in EST time and not your time zone. On the date and time of your booking. Please email me. 

Please book 24 or more hours ahead of the date. If you book the same day, there is a higher chance that I already have plans and the booking will not happen. If you book 2-3hours ahead the same day then there is a 99% chance the booking will not happen. 

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