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Introducing the COBB OTS Burble Add-on, the perfect solution for adding pops and bangs to your exhaust system. We have integrated Burble into the COBB OTS maps, offering instant delivery and easy-to-follow instructions for installation.


**Please note that the Burble pops and flames may vary depending on your specific exhaust setup.**


Please keep in mind that this tune does not include revisions, so you can enjoy the burble effect right out of the box. Upgrade your vehicle's sound and performance with the COBB OTS Burble Add-on.


This tune has been extensively tested on multiple cars that are compatible with the specified parts list, for a hassle-free experience:


Stage1+Redline, Stage1+SF

  • Intake Requirements: COBB Tuning Redline Carbon Fiber Intake, COBB Tuning SF Intake

  • Exhaust Requirements: Stock

  • You should not run an EBCS, Headers, Bigger Turbo


$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  •  All our calibration files are delivered electronically as digital files. Upon purchase, you will receive access to download the digital file(s) associated with your order.

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